Sex & Startups

Mara Zapeda and I are friends with eerily similar paths in life: art kids becoming radio journalists turning into CEOs of tech companies. We're observing a lot of room for improvement in this startup world when it comes to measuring value. We wrote about it in this Medium post.  

Artwork by  Michelle Leigh

Artwork by Michelle Leigh

In Conversation: Miranda July & Jennifer Brandel

Transom is a fantastic site for audio storytellers. They asked me if I'd like to interview someone I admired for their site. Miranda July was my #1 pick, and through the grace of awkward Tweets and her generosity, it happened. Read / hear the brilliant things she had to say, summed up in 9 key points, here

GIF by  Arthur Jones . 

GIF by Arthur Jones


Helping journalists better serve their communities


Hearken is an audience-driven framework and platform enabling journalists to partner with the public throughout the reporting process, resulting in relevant and high performing content.

Hearken is supported by Matter VC, The Association of Independents in Radio, WBEZ ChicagoThe Wyncote Foundation and The Ford Foundation

Brandel is Co-founder and CEO of Hearken

Questions are the new comments

An article and an argument for bringing the public in at the beginning of the story cycle, rather than the end. Hearken is a tool built for the cultivation and scalable management of audience curiosity.  


Press on Hearken

Curious City creator Jennifer Brandel goes national

Brandel is featured on episode 22 of The Pub podcast from Current. She kicks it off, and then appears again at minute 20:30.